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Mwonzora hits back at Chamisa disciples

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora has hit back at opposition party supporters who have labeled him a ‘sellout’.

This comes after the top politician rallied behind Thokozani Khupe following the Supreme court ruling that declared her the legitimate president of the MDC, nullifying Chamisa’s leadership.

Speaking to a local publication Mwonzora said contrary to claims by his fellow party members, the Gweru congress was for the MDC and not MDC Alliance.

In response to allegations that he is an infiltrator, Mwonzora said, “The common denominator in all these splits is the inability to deal with internal dissension in a tolerant manner. People who see things differently are labeled infiltrators and sellouts. This is exactly what happened to Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti when they left.

“After being labeled infiltrators and sellouts after they split from the party, Biti and Ncube use the same diction against me. May be it’s a question of the Stockholm syndrome on their part.”

Mwonzora added that Chamisa had ignored procedure in his ascendence to power.

“Procedure after the death of a President is governed by clause 9.21.1 of the MDC constitution. As Secretary General I advised Chamisa, Khupe and Mudzuri on this at the time. I also asked Adv, Matinenga to give us an opinion which he did. Sadly it was ignored.”

He then weighed in his mind on the Gweru Congress saying, “The congress in Gweru was not an MDC Alliance congress but an MDC congress. Check the heading of the resolutions of the 2019 congress on internet. Preceding the congress Ncube dissolved his MDC and joined the main MDC. Biti has not yet dissolved his PDP.

“It is misleading to Nelson Chamisa for Biti to give that irresponsible interpretation of the judgement. The Alliance agreement is there and it speaks for itself. Clause even says Alliance partners will have thier own chief whips in Parliament!

Lawyer Pedzisai Ruhanya also had wrote, “Dear Mwonzora, Khupe and Komichi: The MDC MPs, Senators, Councillors and political structures have defied your orders and refuse to recognize your leadership. Please go ahead with your Zanu PF support to fire all of them today zvibve zvapera nhasi, tizipigwe. I dare you!”

To which he replied, “For how long are your going to believe in your own lies nhayi Pedzi? We expected an intellectual from you but we now have a rabid propagandists and a liar. Simple research would have shown that we never called any MPs. We simply are not that clumsy.”

It looks like the games have just begun in the opposition camp.

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