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Mitambo Festival roars into life

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

The Mitambo International Festival starts today with online conversations ropping in regional and international guests.

Speaking to Bustop TV, Mitambo Festival director, Lloyd Nyikadzino said that this year’s edition will include in-person activities.

“In-person workshop and performance (will be) from the 21st -25 of September. (This year people have to expect) local created and produced through provoking theatre performances, short and full-length, local and international conversations. Also to expect are outreach performances to local children’s home and prisons.”

He added that there is going to be plays from Zimbabwe Theatre Academy’s mentorship program.

“The local plays came through the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy mentorship program of training/mentoring new script writers and emerging directors. The mentorship included professional actors to work under the directors.”

The Mitambo director also said they hoped to have plays from the prisons but could not because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The plan was to have plays from the prisons following our training there but due to COVID-19, we felt the plays were not yet fully developed, so we are sending one show there and hopefully next year we have shows by the inmates. We also have a contingency from the University of Zimbabwe under mentorship. We are happy that at least we are allowed half capacity of the theatre after the lifting of travel and gathering protocols which means theatre can be experienced live again. There is magic in actor and audience interaction. We also have 10 amazing theatre guest from ten African who will also join us with the support from Zimbabwe German Society and Goethe – Johannesburg.”

The director also mentioned the partners they have for this year’s festival.

“This year also Africalia have continued to support the realisation of the festival activities. I think also Reps in offering us space which we do not take for granted , we thank local theatre companies in offering their plays(Patsime and Savanna Trust), Doc Solomon Guramatunhu, the Ministry of Youth in partnering us and seeing that the festival goes through by attending to all local protocol also also National Arts Council of Zimbabwe,” Nyikadzino said.

Mitambo Festival will run from September 14 – October 2 2021.

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