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Masvingo receives 200 test kits

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo Province has received test kits which will be distributed in its seven districts.

Provincial Information Officer, Rodger Irimayi said a total of 200 kits were received with 25 going to each province.

“200 test kits were received last week. These were distributed to seven district with each getting 25. This province is expected to have conducted a target of 100 tests by today. By 15April, Masvingo General Hospital had done 2 tests and Zaka had 4. More tests are expected.”

Irimayi said that the tests are being conducted at Masvingo General Hospital and the Rujeko Isolation Centre.

Masvingo has 128 specimens as of yesterday that were sent to Harare for testing.

The Provincial Medical Director, Amadeus Shamhu confirmed that Masvingo province has received rapid-result test kits which have since been distributed to all districts.

Government has revealed plans for mass testing as part of efforts to contain the spread of COVID 19.

Decentralising of tests increases efficiency.

So far specimen tested in Masvingo are tested at the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory in Harare.

One Masvingo resident said that the decentralisation of testing specimen is an advantage.

“Now l am sure people will come out and those with symptoms will come out and go get tested and even those in the rural areas will do so as the testing kits have been sent to all districts,” said Spiwe Mabhiza.

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