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Masvingo men blames economy for theft. 

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo  Four men were charged for unlawful entry and theft at Balmain Spar in Masvingo Central Business District but blamed the economic situationsaying that’s what led them into engaging in unlawful activity. 

The incident happened yesterday.

The accused Nkulumani Selemani aged 25, Muswere Benjamin aged 38, Ether Musungwa aged 30 and Martin Chishamba aged 35 were being charged on two counts and they pleaded guilty to all charges. 

The four unlawfully entered the Spar Balmain yesterday and they took four buckets of 25litres of diesel which was then recovered.

The four accused pleaded with the court to bear with them and forgive them for their illegal dealings. They said that they had to do so for them to sustain a living as their salaries and the economic situation are not tallying.

Muswere said that his monthly salary is $490 and with this salary he is not able to cater for his family as he has six kids and this is forcing him into illegal dealings as he is trying to make a living and sustain for his big family as he is the breadwinner. So the economic situation led to him into doing so and he pleaded to be given a lighter sentence.

“Please pardon me, with my salary l am no longer able to cater for the demands l am having a tough time, give me a lighter sentence,” said Muswere.

The court however decided to on giving them community service for the offense.

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