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Man rapes and assaults own daughter.

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – A man from Muchanga Village in Chivi under Headman Vutete has been arrested and is in police custody on allegations of raping her daughter for two years.

The accused Marko Muchanga (36) is said to have raped her daughter for almost two years since early last year after he was left in custody of their daughter by the wife after their marriage failed.

Muchanga is also being accused of severely assaulting his daughter and making her sustain injuries that were later discovered.

The neighbors came to the daughters rescue as they are the ones who became suspicious of the daughters behavior and they knew she was being abused as she was not allowed to leave the house and go mingle with the other girls.

A police memo confirmed the incident under case number cr30/11/19.

Police detectives were tipped off about the incident of the abuse of the girl by a relative and that is when investigations kicked off.

The accused is currently under police custody where he is leading the police with investigations

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