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Kariba radio personality in Pad Up A Sister campaign

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Nyaminyami FM radio presenter, Fiona Ncube, has launched a campaign to provide sanitary wear for women in Kariba under the theme, Pad Up a Sister.

The 28 year old spoke to Bustop TV explaining how the campaign started.

“I started this campaign sometime in May. I let my social media friends know on Facebook and there was a very positive response that’s how I started. I started this campaign because I wanted to do something different for my 28th birthday. I wanted to be helping out my fellow women and girls. This was after I had realised that sanitary wear has gotten expensive.”

Ncube outlined why she had to step up saying that women in her community had been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic hence her hand had to stretch a little longer.

“Looking at where we are, we are in a pandemic where most people have lost their jobs, most people are not and most women here in Kariba are cross boarder traders but boarders are closed. So I just wanted to do something for my fellow women here in Kariba,” she said.

Speaking on the funding of the Pad Up a Sister Campaign, Ncube said that it has been her Facebook friends who have mostly come through to donate and that she is yet to meet her target of two hundred packets of sanitary pads.

“It has been my social media friends and I doing the Campaign. Donations are coming up and we have forty-five packets and we need two hundred so we still have someway to go. I am going to select individuals from Kariba urban, Kariba rural and fishing camps.”

Ncube hosts the Issues Pane Nyaya show on Nyami Nyami FM among other shows on the same station.

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