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Its 2020 !!! . Zimbabweans bullish of a New Year despite challenges

by BustopTV

Feature Story by Lloyd Takawira

Action packed 2019 is gone . A year of mixed fortunes , ladden with a lot controversies both politically , economically and socially .

It’s 2020 , Zimbabweans known for their resilience and tenacity have high hopes despite the seemingly unpredictable situation.

At Machipisa shopping centre in Highfield a low income surbub revellers and merry makers are in in jovial mood. 57 -year-old Mdara Mabasa is drunk and is not able to walk , his wife and kids are pushing a cart full of groceries towards his car.

“Shamwari gore ra 2019 has been tough for me ,” he said. “ Takaona ma prices of basic commodities achikwira . No Zesa apa fuel kunetsa zvayo “Power cuts were the order of the day and fuel became scarce . Hatiidi 2019 zvekare !!! ”

“ 2020 haaa kana l am hopeful that things will change for the better younger .” said Mdara Mabasa.

At Chigovanyika shopping Centre now popularly known as “Pa Messina” it’s all systems go as revellers and merrymakers are bullish. There is a hive of activity .

Mbuya Shana who openly sells beer , cigers and fried matumbu popularly known as ” zvinyanza” said ” uuuum mwanangu gore ra 2019 (clapping her hands while shaking her head in surrendering mode) zvinhu zvacho kuti tichanyatsorarama isu munyika yechizvarirwa . 2020 hameno . However hati ruze hope ” she said

In the CBD area , as the scotching sun rules the rooast. People are going by their businesses .

At the entrance of a local bank are multitudes , gathered to access their hard earnings

One fine gentlemen had this to say “We are spending hours in queues at the bank to access cash, and I hope that in the coming year the responsible authorities will put an end to this problem,” he said.

At Siyaso its business as usual. ” Hey bamnini huyai titaurirane ukutsvaga chiiko ” thundered a women in her late fourties

I made my way to the famous matuckshops close to the Mbare Musika rank .

One well known businessmen who goes by the name Big Phil had this say

“The major challenge that we will continue facing as business owners is the continuous declining demand of goods since income is being eroded by inflation.

“While the supply of basic commodities has remained stable, the spending power of the ordinary Zimbabwean has not,” said Big Phil

Zimbabwe is currently facing erratic power supply with electricity blackouts going for over 18hours .

A huge fuel crisis which is attributed to the shortage of foreign currency which is needed to import fuel had been upon us for almost a quite some time .

The fuel crisis also had negative impact on the prices of commodities which have been going up whenever fuel prices are increased.

Zimbabwe’s official annual inflation rate has reached a historical levels again , rendering the local currency worthless and leaving savings and pensions useless.

With 2020 upon us Zimbabweans cannot stop to dream again that the once vibrant economy will rebound again. [email protected]

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