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Hip Hop Festival To Empower Local Artists

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo- Masvingo based artist, Christopher Vembo aka Kriss Newtone is set to host a Hip Hop festival in the City in a bid to bring Hip Hop artists in Masvingo on the limelight.

The festival will be held on the 10th of December 2021 at the Flamboyant Hotel.

In an interview withBustop TV, the event organiser, Kriss Newtone said this festival is a launch of an annual event which will be held in Masvingo.

He said “It is the genesis of what is going to become an annual of bi-annual event in Masvingo. We as Softlifers decided to start this movement to empower local hip hop artists by having them on stage with bigger hip hop artists.

“There is need to strengthen the genre here in Masvingo since local promoters barely bring hip hop artists in Masvingo. We partnered with Flamboyant Hotel to make this event a possibility. Strict Covid 19 regulations are going to be followed at the event.”

Artists that are going to perform include Holy Ten and Voltz JT as the main acts, Dough Major and Ding’o from Harare representing Shebeen Rap, Kriss Newtone, Eye Que, Shian and Monzon, D’Varren, Horrible Human, Trouble, Eek, Lizwe, Alie Churchboi and more.

The event will benefit Hip Hop artists by empowering them and connecting them with the bigger hip hop acts coming from Harare, the event will also be airing on many social media platforms with a total reach of over 300 thousand viewers so it is going to be a chance for a great audience worldwide.

The event is sponsored by Certified Softlifers and interested sponsors should contact Chris on 0782543588.

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