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Govt eases Covid-19 vaccination requirements

by Bustop TV News

By Romeo Takundwa

Government has relaxed requirements for one to get the Covid-19 vaccination jab following a public outcry.

This comes after citizens complained that they had a myriad of challenges whilst trying to get inoculated despite government establishing more vaccination centres.

To date a total of 1 million people have received their first Covid-19 vaccinations shots in Zimbabwe.

Government is targeting at achieving herd immunity against Covid-19 and vaccinating 60% of the population that translates to about 10 million citizens.

A recent documentary by Bustop TV exposed huddles people at Epworth Poly Clinic Poly were facing. Several people were turned away as they did not have the required national identity documents while some were informed that the daily inoculation target had been met.

One interviewee said she had been the last one to get a jab at 11am at the clinic and everyone who came after her had been turned away while others claimed they had been asked to pay ‘bribes’ by the clinic staff.

In response to this, Secretary for Health and Child Care Dr Jasper Chimedza issued a statement directing all public health institutions directors to ensure those who would have arrived at any covid-19 vaccination point before 5 pm are vaccinated.

He also advised them to consider those who would have failed to produce adequate identity documents to be vaccinated provided they prove that they are Zimbabwean citizens.

“All people in a queue for vaccination before 1700 hours shall be vaccinated on the same day.

“All those who present themselves for vaccination without National Identification Cards or Passports shall be vaccinated upon producing a letter from the Headman, Local Councillor, or Member of Parliament confirming them as ordinary resident of that area”.

Zimbabwe accelerated its vaccination program amid a third wave which has seen a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases.

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