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Four things you need to know about Mai Titi and Zizoe’s relationship.

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How did the two met

Mai titi said she failed to resist Zizoe’s love when he approached her. “My relationship with Zizoe started when he called for help in his music and I later discovered that I had already charmed him and he had assured his family that he wanted to take me as his wife. “I laughed at it but I failed to resist his love and we fell in love mmmmmm rudo rwasimba uye harusi rudo rwakapusa, rwakakotsira kana rwekufadzana saka before November tinenge tachata uye kunogona kuita kurekure. My heart will not fail me on Zizoe and he loves my children a thing I failed to get from that white man I refused to get married to.

Age difference

Mai titi is 34 years old. Zizoe real name Blessing zingwe was born on 21 July 1996 in Bocha Marange after his birth he moved to Gweru. Concerning age differences, Mai Titi said age has to do with numbers but love has to do with feelings and maturity. Zizoe Pamyk said his family was behind his decision to marry Mai Titi regardless of their age difference. “Mukuru, mudiwa ndewangu, Mai Titi ndevangu hapana chakamboipa pazvese uye ndinobvuma zvose zvirikutaurwa pamusoro perudo,” said Zizoe said.
Mhuri yangu nekwandinobva madzikoma nevose zviri official. Zvemakore zvinyanyana izvo tozokurukura pamberi,” he said as some of his relatives nodded in agreement.

Sharing the same bed

Mai titi and her ex boyfriend made headlines with following rumours that the pair might not be living as husband and wife-sleeping in the same bed. During an Instagram live, Mai Titi who seems to be just waking up from bed answers a knock on her door and surprisingly, it’s her fiance, Zizoe. She then says good morning to him which he responds to and kisses her. She goes on to inquire what time he woke up, to which he surprisingly responds, ‘I just woke up’. This video made people assume that the two were not sharing the same bedroom. Mai titi confirmed this when she posted another video saying “Handiite zvekubikirana mapoto handirare kumba kwa Zizoe iye harare kumba. Ndichaenda kumba kwazizo kana tachata. However the two said to be living at Zizoe’s sister’s place.

The break Up

The two broke in UK where they were both touring. Mai titi said that Zizoe did not breakup with her rather she was the one who broke off from the relationship because her boyfriend was making claims that no-one would ever love her because of her health status so she should appreciate the love zizoe was giving her. She said these words broke her to the point that she had to cut things off between the two. Zizoe said that he wanted to live a private life so is it that all the negative social media comments about his relationship with Mai Titi are now too much for him to deal with. He reached out to Mai Titi soon after their break up thanking her for everything she did for him boosting his career and fame.

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