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Country’s lockdown to affect economy~ Chitando

by BustopTV

Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

The lockdown is essential to save lives but the economy will be deeply affected by this move especially in a country that is facing economic challenges already.

This was revealed by
Former Member of Parliament of Masvingo Central, Jefferyson Chitando who added that the lockdown will bring a negative impact on the economy but the country has no option but has to lock down to save lives.

“The government revenue is going to fall meaning services after 21 days will be affected. Think of various economic activities which will be on halt, it is devastating, business deals which should have been concluded they are now delayed or cancelled forever,” he said.

He said that nothing much can be done as lives need to be saved but at the same time this will lead to a total economic meltdown especially for those in the informal sector who have to work for themselves as to provide for their families,” he said.

Chitando added that the informal sector contributes to the growth of the nation and farmers are going to be the most affected.

“Think of a farmer who had budgeted to harvest his or her perishable vegetables all is going to be thrown away. Farmers who had crops ready for harvest will definitely be affected.

“Tomatoes which are ripe cannot be preserved anytime longer than the harvesting time,” he said.

The transport sector is also going to be affected as they will run a loss as ZUPCO services are the only ones that will be operational for carrying people.
“The bus operators will have to pay the driver and conductor whilst they are not working and not bringing any revenue to the company. Where will the money come from if people are not working?

“There is nothing that can be done as we have to come together and fight against the spread of the virus none the less the impact this will bring to our economy.

“Nonetheless people have to work together and will have the best results in the fight against Covid 19,” said Chitando.

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