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Club Jinjika escalates fight against Cholera, STIs, Drug abuse

by Bustop TV News

By Panashe Kaseke

Club Jinjika, in partnership with Chitungwiza Newstart Centre and Ministry of Health and Childcare under Chitungwiza Municipality, recently hosted a Health Expo at Chigovanyika Shopping Centre in St Mary’s Chitungwiza.

The expo sought to raise awareness on Cholera, drug abuse and Sexual Transmitted Infections amongst the youths in Chitungwiza, especially  St Mary’s which has a high number of drug addicts, Cholera and STI cases in Chitungwiza.

This comes at a time when Chitungwiza has recorded more than five deaths caused by Cholera  and around 400 confirmed cases  with the sprawling suburb of St Mary’s recording the majority of the cases followed by Zengeza and Nyatsime.

Club Jinjika was founded by Shupikai Jinjika who is the wife of Norbert Jinjika, Zanu PF’s Secretary General for Harare Province and former St Mary’s constituency Member of Parliament. The club was established in November 2022 with the aim of assisting the need in Chitungwiza and beyond.

“The aim of the program is to uplift St Mary’s community through health Expos were we will be inviting health practitioners in Chitungwiza to come and educate people in St Mary’s over issues affecting their community.

“We have invited Chitungwiza Newstart Center and Ministry of Health and Childcare under Chitungwiza who have raised awareness on  Cholera, STIs, Drug and Substances abuse. St Mary’s residences also got the privilege to get health services for free,” said Shupikai Jinjika the club patron.

Sydney Shasa Muchemwa, one of the club members, addressed the issues worsening the abuse of drugs in Chitungwiza.

“The rate of youths abusing drugs is rising because they are being exposed to all these things at a young age so as Club Jinjika we will be working on projects that will shame and expose drug havens and suppliers. We will also engage stakeholders who will be willing to work with us in these projects.”

One of the beneficiaries, Simbarashe Michael Nyamazi, expressed his gratitude towards the club.

“We have benefited as a community because we have been educated on ways to prevent Cholera which we are battling with in St Mary’s. I have also been tested for HIV, got educated on ways of preventing HIV and other sexual transmissions,”

“Such events are playing a  pivotal role in fighting against Cholera, STIs and Drugs and Substances abuse looking at the fact that people of my age are engaging in these things,” Kudzai Rambanepasi, Chitungwiza Ward 5 Junior Councilor.

Chitungwiza Newstart Centre provided free STI screening, HIV testing and distributed condoms and HIV prevention pills. Ministry of Health and Childcare also distributed water treating pills and educated the community on the ways of preventing Cholera.

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