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Chronicles of an artist living with a disability

by BustopTV

By Nyasha Nhau

When one hears about the arts industry, music and film dominate the mind and sculpturing is barely given attention.

Unless one’s sculptures are master pieces and unique.

One such exceptionally talented sculptor is Manner Mukuwiri whose craft theme is centred on being environmentally friendly.

He has not let his disability hold him back and has secured an impressive market in Europe.

Mukuwiri uses disposes of plastic, wires and cans to produce his art.

In an interview with Bustop TV, Mukuwiri said his work was aimed at creating clean communities and finding eco-friendly ways to dispose of litter.

“The idea behind my direction in Art is to conserve and promote a clean environment and to educate people on ways to dispose of their unwanted garbage profitably”.

He has participated at Art Festivals, exhibitions such as HIFA as a tutor for recycled art.

He also teaches both adults and youngsters how to craft using unwanted materials.

Mukuwiri started his career as an environmentalist in art in 2008 after he was inspired by the desire to see a clean environment and preserve the planet from Global Warming and Climate.

He works with beads, recycled materials, wire and plastic to show the nation that people with disabilities can also do greater things in life.

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