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Cholera outbreak hits Buhera

by Bustop TV News

Buhera in Manicaland province is currently experiencing a cholera outbreak, prompting health authorities to implement measures to prevent the further spread of the water-borne disease.

Speaking recently during a post-Cabinet briefing, Information minister Jenfan Muswere said the government has taken steps to contain the outbreak.

The steps taken by the government include mobilizing equipment for drilling boreholes, raising awareness among residents through the district’s Department of Civil Protection, and providing regular updates on the situation.

“The Minister of Health also presented a report on preventive measures with respect to reported cases of cholera in Buhera.

“Cabinet would like to inform the nation that the government has instituted a number of measures to contain the reported Buhera incidents such as mobilising equipment for borehole drilling, advocacy and activation of the district Department of Civil Protection.

“The nation will be kept abreast of developments on the matter,” Muswere said.

Muswere also revealed that the government plans to address water shortages in Harare by supplying bulk water bowsers to residential areas due to the City Council’s inability to meet the demand for water.

“Following reports by the Harare City Council on its failure to provide bulk water to the city, the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development convened a meeting of the national action committee on water, sanitation and hygiene.

“The committee found out that the main challenges affecting the City of Harare are as follows: heavy pollution of water supply dams (Chivero and Manyame) leading to excessive use of water treatment chemicals, aged units constantly breaking down, aged water supply infrastructure leading to reduction in treatment capacity and high water losses, and failure by City of Harare to pay for water treatment chemicals to meet the current treatment capacity of 520 megalitres per day,” he said.

The challenges faced by the City of Harare include pollution of water supply dams, aging infrastructure, and water treatment capacity issues.

These factors have led to high water losses and a shortage of water treatment chemicals.

Water shortage situation has also been attributed to a “lake turn” phenomenon at Lake Chivero, which is the primary water source for the city.

This phenomenon occurs when warm water at the bottom of a lake rises to the surface due to sudden weather changes.

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