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Chiwenga files for divorce

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VICE-President Constantino Chiwenga (pictured) is on the brink of divorcing his wife, ex-model Marry Chiwenga, after the pair had a nasty fallout when he was seriously ill and hospitalised in South Africa.

Family members and government officials say the fallout revolved around personal matters related to Marry’s behaviour and her attempt to have Chiwenga write a will, in which she would have been the largest beneficiary of the couple’s vast estate in the event that he dies.

At the time, most members of Chiwenga’s family, as well as government officials, had ruled out the general’s hopes of recovery. Senior Zanu PF officials had also begun jostling for his post, while others pushed for him to be dropped from government on the grounds that he was incapacitated.

Chiwenga and Marry have been living separately after the Vice-President moved into another house on arrival from China, where he was hospitalised for four months, before staging a remarkable recovery.

Source The Independent

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