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Chamisa Throws CCC MPs Under The Bus: Linda Masarira

by Bustop TV News

By Panashe Kaseke

LEAD president, Linda Tsungirai Masarira said Nelson Chamisa had thrown his former party member of parliament and councillors under the bus following his resignation from the party.

Chamisa announced that he nolonger had anything to do with the party he described “had been infiltrated by ZANU PF” following the constant recalls of his members by self-appointed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.

“Dear Nelson Chamisa, you have disappointed the whole Moyo clan. Moyo people don’t quit no matter how hard things are. They do not quit because they are facing challenges. Moyo people were born leaders.

“Leaders don’t easily run from a difficult situation. If they commit to doing something, they make sure they accomplish it. They are answerable if they commit themselves, no matter what happened in life or what circumstances they face in life.

“Leaders show consistency, demonstrate endurance, and stay the course. They never quit. At times, leaders may change the course by altering strategies, tactics, or methodologies, but they don’t quit. Strip away the excuses, rationalizations, and justifications, and the only thing standing between you and the attainment of your objectives is what you see staring back at you look in the mirror each morning,” read part of the open letter by Masarira posted on X.

Linda added that quiting could have not been Chamisa’s option considering how he insulted, ridicule and shame her on social media.

“Quitting is one of the easiest things to do in life. If you take your eye off the ball, even if only momentarily, that’s all it takes for most people to throw in the towel is a tinge of anger, humiliation, panic, rejection, stress, frustration, hurt, pain, sorrow or anguish.

“After creating a social media battalion to insult me, and shame me, for saying some of brutal truths about you, quiting never crossed my mind as an option.”

Masarira said Chamisa, should have considered his MPs and supporters before his actions.

“Did you consider your MPs, councillors, and supporters whom you kept at bay with false hope of SADC interventions and fresh elections? Why have you thrown your MPs and councillors under the bus? Are you punishing them for reusing to totally disengage from parliament? All those excuses in your statement are not reason enough to quit considering what we have Bobi Wine, who has endured a lot of attacks and has been staying with military parked out of his residential home but has never quit,” she said.

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