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Celebrating International Women’s Day

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Today is International Women’s Day a day to celebrate the women around us who continue to display their persistence and exceptional qualities.

Bustop TV came up with a list of five women who deserve celebrating.


She wakes up early in the morning, cooks and cleans her house then leaves for the market place. Her only hope for survival is hinged on the vague possibility that customers might turn up and finish her goods before the police turn up. Her fight for survival is driven by the potential and actual poverty she sees around her. Her children have to learn, the husband earns less than a dime. She is the only hope for elevation but the toils of her trade might drastically reduce her life expectancy. She still thrives through the humiliation and reaping off at the hands of the police, excruciating pain of waking up very early in morning with a hangover of fatigue and the ordinary demands of life which are encompassed in the aspect of human affection. Kudos to such women!


Her salary is worthless but she still pulls through. Loans have gobbled her earnings but in her is a strong desire to see through the day. She cannot afford to buy new clothes and only her love for what she does gives her courage to overcome the humiliation of going to second hand markets to get some decent clothing. She cannot afford school fees, she cannot afford much but she still puts food on the table.

Her employer threatens to sack her if she strikes so she just hangs in there. She shows up to work in smiles despite the ineffable pain she suffers from inside. She keeps on and for what she has done it is only worthwhile to celebrate her.


Even after losing a father and brother in the same trade she has not deterred from her ambition and focus. Her latest album, Dehwe Renzou, has been proof that she is keen on safeguarding the Tuku legacy and is an actual heiress not only to her father, but to afro jazz as a genre. Being a mother, wife and performer could definitely be hard to juggle but Selmor seems to be managing very well.

She has managed to build her dynasty away from her late father’s hub, Pakare Paye, but has solidified her quest to the throne with ease proving how talented and firm she actually is. She did not depend on her father’s fame to be the woman she is. She is definitely one of the strongest entertainment luminaries Zimbabwe has.


The youngest member of parliament in Zimbabwe. She has been facing treason charges and his been in and out of court since her arrest on March 4 2019. Her desire for freedom and her service to the country is so phenomenal that she has managed to withstand the needless remands she has been facing at the hands of the courts.

In an article, she wrote, “Despite all the persecution I presently face through these needless remands, I stand firm in my belief that even the purest fountain is not so free from mud, as I am innocent of these spurious allegations. All I am asking for is my day in court, and the State’s failure to provide a trial date vindicates my position that it has no case worth taking to trial and is bent on keeping me on remand to please its political masters.”


A sports administrator who has worked in quite a number of areas. She worked with the Mighty Warriors, Basketball teams and currently is very active in rugby. She has been managing the Zimbabwe Women Rugby Facebook page and began a series of articles where she gives information on fellow sporting females. Speaking to Bustop TV, Abby said that it is key for people to know the background of the phenomenal ladies they see active in the sport of rugby.

“People have to know the background of the administrators and coaches. To me it has been fascinating to find out that these are all strong women who are sometimes mothers, wives and educated women. They still have time to do what we know them for which is a definite way to prove how strong they are.”

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