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CCC MPs Expunged from Ballot Paper for February By-elections

by Bustop TV News

By Panashe Kaseke


Citizens Coalition for Change’s three former MPs and 20 former councillors, who were recently recalled from their positions in a controversial move, have been ordered to be removed from the ballot paper for the February 3 by-election by Justice Pisirayi Kwenda.

The order has been given on the ruling that the recalled MPs and Councilors ceased being members of CCC.

Gift Ostallos Siziba and Amos Chibaya are amongst the MPs and councillors recalled by the self-proclaimed Citizens Coalition for Change secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu.

Obey Shava, CCC lawyer, said that the recalled MPs and Councilors will remain recalled and will not be on the ballot under CCC.

“First of all it is important to mention that the court made a finding that the Members of Parliament and Councilors were recalled by CCC are remaining recalled.

“The court also made a finding that they will not be on the ballot under the CCC because according to the court’s reason they were recalled by the same party that they filed the nomination under.” Said the CCC lawyer.

He added that the appearance of the recalled CCC members in the ballot paper will depend on legal actions taken by the party towards the judgment.

“My reaction is very simple, like I said yesterday when we come to court we expect two possible outcomes, the judge might find favor in us or even favor in other party and in this instance the court did not find in our favor.

” You might want to know wether or not they will be on the ballot on the 3rd of February, 2024, the by-election date. It entirely depends on weather or not my client could have taken legal steps to up set the judgment of the High Court to raise that possibility.”

The CCC controversy is  highlighting the loopholes within the nature of Zimbabwe’s politics.

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