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Busha takes a swipe at Zanu Pf, ridicules POLAD

by BustopTV

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Opposition party, FreeZim Congress president, Joseph Makamba Busha, today (Monday) dismissed the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) describing it as an instrument by Zanu PF meant to stir-up propaganda in the country.

Busha was speaking at a press conference held at the Media Centre in Harare.

He articulated that POLAD is more of a platform to push the ruling party, Zanu PF’s propaganda rather than it is a ground created to share ideas which develop the country.

“I personally think that POLAD is a tool or platform which is being used by Zanu Pf to propagate their propaganda, not to share ideas of moving the country forward,” Busha told the media.

The 2018 Presidential elections contender, condemned government’s idea to try and send POLAD representatives overseas as a progressive way to ask for the lifting of sanctions that are imposed on Zimbabwe.

He added that top MDC members and government officials were in a better position to represent the country as opposed to POLAD members.

“I understand that POLAD wants to send some of its members overseas, purpotedly to ask for the lifting of sanctions.

“But we have the government on itself, who are proper officials to be sent, we have MDC as well who could go and represent the people of Zimbabwe so that we can lift these sanctions.

“We have the minister of Finance or the minister of International Trade and other officials that have the capacity to actually go for a world tour to plead the lifting of sanctions, then you go to get people from POLAD, i think it does not make sense, ” he said.

The businessman went onto scold government for having misplaced priorities.

While construction of a new parliament is underway in Mt Hampden and the Robert Mugabe International Airport is being extended, health institutions have no medication or equipment and schools have no infrastructure.

“How do we construct a new parliament when we have a mirror of challenges? It does not make sense for the government to construct a new parliament when our hospitals do not have medicine.

“Some children in Binga and elsewhere in Zimbabwe are still studying under trees, there are also extending the airport of Harare.

“How could we allocate money to extend an airport? The extention of the airport and the construction of the Parliament shows the deep insensitivity of the current President, the ruling party and his government.”

Busha also revealed his intention to compete in the 2023 elections despite losing in 2018.

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