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30 walking cows or she will not be burried

by BustopTV

By Llyoyd Takawira

Drama continues to ensue in Chitungwiza as slain Evelyn Madawo’s family have demanded 30 cows for their daughter to be buried.

In a follow up to the story which happed earlier this week in Manyame Park area of Chitungwiza where a Zimbabwe National Army solder ran berserk and shot his wife to death and injured his mother-in-law before killing himself a kilometre away from the scene.

After frantic efforts to their side of the story, the alleged killer’s father finally spoke to this reporter and admitted that all was not well for them as the tragedy that had befallen them has rattled everyone.

“They (Madawo family) have said they want 30 cows in order for their daughter to be buried but we are still trying to negotiate with them”,  said Mlambo.

Circumstances are that Aaron Mlambo (31) who had just separated with his 25-year-old wife Evelyn Madawo had had an altercation with his wife in Harare CBD during day which led to Aaron being mob beaten by people after his wife had called the public calling him a thief.

During the night of the fracas that had happened in town, Aaron is said to then went her mother in law house around midnight armed with an AK47 rifle.

He proceeded to shoot his wife Evelyn and her mother Nomari who was rushed to Chitungwiza Central Hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Aaron Taurai Mlambo’s then proceeded to shoot himself from the mouth and his lifeless body was later found some kilometres away from the crime scene.

Family spokesperson Pedzisai Kaguru told the news that the two had separated a month ago following several episodes of domestic violence and Mlambo had threatened to kill Evelyn on Sunday at his work place.

“It is sad that my son in-law decided to end his issues with my daughter in such a horrific manner,” said Kaguru.

“The two separated a month ago and I have been requesting Mlambo to come and meet our family in order to solve the differences they had but to no avail.

However the allegations we’re refuted by Aarons father who said, “lm saddened by what happened , and things could not have reached this far”

Quizzed on the allegations that his son was a violent husband he had this to say

” ambuya vemwana wangu ndivo vakakonzeresa , vaigara vachirwisana nemukwasha vachibetserana nemwana wavo mukomana zvekuti ikozvino kunotori be docket re assult ranga ravhuriswa nemukomana , uye musi waitika chiitiko ichi vakange va send message kumukwasha vachiti siyana nemwana wangu uye mwana ainaye haasi wako…” The horiffic incident has left residents shell shocked with many asking for the army to strickly monitor the movement of guns considering the rate at which soldiers have used ammunition smuggled from the barracks to settle dom

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